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Gustav and Ike Recovery and Rebuilding


Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which impacted Louisiana on September 1 and 12, 2008:

  • caused 51 deaths
  • flooded 12,000 - 13,000 homes and damaged 150,000 - 300,000
  • caused an estimated $8 - $20 billion in physical damage
  • were responsible for more than $1 billion in public infrastructure damage
  • caused $2 - $7 billion in housing damages, including $1.7 billion in uninsured losses.

Gustave severely impacted 43 parishes; Ike severely impacted 14. The economic activity losses for both storms could reach a combined $5 billion.

Economic Impact of hurricanes Gustav and Ike on Louisiana

Overview of damages from the hurricanes and LRA's recovery plans

Presentation on the impact of the storms and LRA's Action Plan to respond to Gustav and Ike

Recovery Progress

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