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Additional Housing Programs

Supportive Housing Services ProgramProvides grants for Permanent Supportive Housing rental units, which are designed to provide flexible, community-based supportive services for special-needs households linked to affordable rental housing in community-integrated, non-institutional settings

Homelessness Supports and Housing Program

Funds the restoration and expansion of homelessness housing capacity in hurricane-impacted areas by

  1. Providing capital funds for repairing damaged facilities
  2. Providing capital grants and shallow rental subsidies to increase the supply of PSH housing for homeless and at-risk households
  3. Providing interim rental assistance and deposits for PSH households and
  4. Providing rental assistance to persons who are at-risk of becoming homeless or to assist households that have fallen into homelessness, including low-wage workers, at-risk youth, victims of domestic violence, low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

Additionally, the program provides funding for the development of a transitional Safe Haven Project and partial funding for a statewide Homeless Management Information System.

Housing Development Loan Fund Program

Provides seed funding for a contractor or state agency to establish one or more loan funds that offer flexible-term acquisition and predevelopment financing to developers of the most critically needed housing. This program is combined with the Housing Land Assembly Operations program, and they are known collectively as the Enterprise Louisiana Loan Fund.

Building Code Enforcement Program

Designed to alleviate a major impediment to housing development – the lack of building, electrical and plumbing inspectors, as well as permit-processing staff. This program will fund at least 70 field inspectors and plan reviewers, in addition to a limited number of support staff, and will sponsor additional training opportunities for inspectors, engineers and architects.

Environmental Clearance Program

Designed to provide evaluations, written analysis and project management for a broad range of environmental studies that are required under CDBG Disaster Recovery program. The evaluations follow applicable laws and regulations, which may include National Environmental Protection Act environmental review procedures and/or other local, state or federal environmental laws.

Support to Community Based Programs

Provides support to communities in the following two areas

  1. Housing Outreach Service, which provides outreach, technical assistance, and transportation to low and moderate-income individuals in the Homeowner Housing Assistance Program and
  2. Housing Legal Service, which provides legal assistance to low and moderate-income during the Road Home application process.